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Vocal Workshops

MJ’s vocal workshops have been a hit all over the world. She is available to put together a tailor-made one-day, weekend or weeklong vocal workshop for any company or group of individuals.

MJ is a professional vocal coach with over twenty years experience working with professionals on Broadway, boy bands, indie groups, opera singers, aspiring rock stars and retired ones, journalists, teachers, public speakers, actors wanting to improve their vocal skills, company directors, students serious about a musical career plus retired folk who haven't sung since school.

The group vocal workshop is an opportunity for singers of all levels to learn professional vocal technique, and explore the power and range of their own voices.

MJ will help you explore your voice through professional vocal techniques including: breathing, posture, diction, rhythm, phrasing, projection, body language and performance The workshops teach you how to breathe properly, understand pace, rhythm, diction and phrasing. You can break bad habits and realise your vocal range. You'll learn how to play the instrument that is YOUR voice, and gain confidence in public

As musical director of three choirs who have performed at Royal Festival Hall and the Brighton Fringe Festival, MJ understands the power and beauty of the human voice and how to bring out the very best in her singers. In addition to vocal coaching MJ is also a successful singer, session musician, songwriter and composer.

There is a growing body of evidence on the health benefits associated with singing - you can watch MJ in action and hear her views on the benefits of singing on the BBC News website.

The workshops include a combination of group and individual one-on-one sessions catering to all levels. Music sight-reading is not essential.

So, why not indulge in a relaxing and fun vocal experience? Why not bring your partner or friends? Share your love of song, have a few laughs, feel better and bring out your inner entertainer - all at the same time!

MJ is also available for private voice coaching sessions and facilitation of corporate team building workshops.

In August 2010, MJ held a workshop with the staff of Travelex, the world’s leading foreign exchange and business payments company, and this is what Paddy Earnshaw, Director, had to say about the experience –

“ The collective vote amongst the Travelex team was that the scariest and least popular group activity would be singing together, or singing lessons… it seemed the perfect way to me of bringing all the staff together. What I hadn’t counted on was the magic that MJ would bring to the session, with the ability to make any cynic a convert using humour, passion and out and out talent.”

Paddy Earnshaw
CRM Director
Travelex Global Business Payments

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